• Simpler Times 2xLP

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$ 42.99
  • 2xLP on Meditative Maroon Vinyl
  • Music by George Pandrea
  • Album Art by Laara Bonn and Dragos Matkovski 
  • Includes Digital Download


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Simpler Times is Available Now on Steam


Our friends at Stoneskip understand that music has the power to transport us to a certain time and place. That power is at the heart and soul of their debut title, Simpler Times, a meditative interactive experience that rewards patience and attention with the gift of poignant memories — memories that can be replayed, just like a favorite song. 

As you paint, take pictures, read notes, and solve puzzles across Simpler Times’ four seasons, music envelopes your experience. Musician George Pandrea produced a wholly original soundtrack for the game, packed with low-fi beats, chill vocals, and warm, hypnotic loops, all in service of crafting an auditory journey that feels like a cool summer breeze, dancing through your bedroom window. 

Art, music, and vinyl are so fundamental to the experience of Simpler Times that we at iam8bit had to capture this beautiful alchemy on wax.

This is the Simpler Times 2xLP. It’s the complete and original Simpler Times soundtrack on gorgeous Meditative Maroon vinyl, with album art from Stoneskip’s own Laara Bonn and Dragos Matkovski. This dynamic artist duo crafted visuals worthy of a spot on the in-game — or your own — record shelf, making this release more meta than most.

This album marks a lot of firsts — not just as a herald of Stoneskip’s debut title as a studio, but as the first vinyl crafted for an iam8bit Presents published title. We couldn’t be any prouder if we tried, because the sounds contained here are absolutely joyous.

What’s better than a cool breeze and a chill beat? Spin up this record and let yourself feel true bliss. 








Nocturnes feat. Diana Sasu


Haze and Magic






Studies feat. Maeve Kroeger




Sandcastles feat. Diana Sasu

Simpler Times (Instrumental)

Dreamflowers feat. Maeve Kroeger




Harvest Serenade


Last Days feat. Diana Sasu


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