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  • Disco Elysium: The Final Cut (PlayStation 5) - iam8bit Exclusive Edition

    $ 39.99
    ~ WINNER ~ Best Narrative / Best Role-Playing Game Best Independent Game / Best Debut Indie Game ~ The Game Awards 2019~  BAFTA Award Best Soundtrack ... It’s incredibly rare...
  • Manifold Garden (Playstation 5 Physical Edition)

    $ 29.99
    Game Developers Choice Awards - Best Debut Finalist 2019 Day of the Devs - Official Selection 2019 Independent Game Festival - Excellence in Audio Honorable Mention 2019 Beazley Designs of...
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    Mutazione (Playstation 4 Physical Edition)

    $ 29.99
    .. Indiecade Grand Jury Prize Winner 2020 Mutazione (pronounced: mu-ta-zi-O-neh) means “Mutation” in Italian, which is a perfect pontification for what the game achieves. Developer Die Gute Fabrik deftly defies convention, altering the standard...
  • Etherborn (Playstation 4 Physical Edition)

    $ 29.99
    Sir Issac Newton said it best: “Gravity is freakin’ weird!!” If only he could have played through Etherborn, a video game experience suggesting that perhaps, we should rethink the ways...
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    Rez Infinite: Eco-Forward Edition (PlayStation 4)

    $ 44.99
    Let’s take a time machine back to 2016, when iam8bit released our very first physical edition game in collaboration with our friends at Enhance. The game was Rez Infinite, seminal...
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    Untitled Goose Game - “Lovely Edition” (PlayStation 4)

    $ 34.99
    Untitled Goose Game is nothing short of a *honk*nomenon (sorry!), having transcended the hallowed halls of nerdom to become an essential piece of the cultural zeitgeist. Australian developer House House...
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    INSIDE PS4 Physical Game

    $ 29.99
         It’s no secret that Playdead x iam8bit have been collaborating closely - and very quietly - on the INSIDE: Collector’s Edition. We wanted to surprise fans with a...
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    The Artful Escape (PlayStation 5 Exclusive Edition)

    $ 29.99
    ....................................... Shipping Q1 2023 ....................................... How do you escape the shadow of a legend?  The Artful Escape is a trippy, psychedelic answer to that cosmic-sized question. For their debut title,...
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    We Are OFK (PlayStation 5 Exclusive Edition)

    $ 29.99
    . Seems like everywhere you go these days, people are asking the same question: “Who are OFK?”  Ok, maybe people aren’t asking that yet, but pretty soon — they will...
  • Carto (Playstation 4 Physical Edition)

    $ 29.99
        These days, wonderment is a word that is rarely deployed. Yet, it conveys the precise sentiment that the world needs right about now. Humans are natural ponderers, and...
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    The Pathless (Playstation 5) - iam8bit Exclusive Edition

    $ 52.99
    $ 23.99
       Emerging from the depths of the ocean in ABZÛ, acclaimed developer Giant Squid Studios take their next mystical adventure to a vast and majestic forest in The Pathless. Along...
  • Creature in the Well (PlayStation 4 Physical Edition)

    $ 29.99
             “Creature in the Well plays like no other hack and slash I’ve ever encountered...It’s a clever way to breathe new life into a genre that can...
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