• The Stanley Parable 2xLP

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$ 46.99

Shipping Q3 2024

  • 20% of net proceeds will be donated to the non-profit charity 350.org to fight climate change
  • 2xLP on 100% Recycled Black Vinyl
  • Innovative Eco-Friendly Recycled Jacket
  • Includes (3) 18x24 Motivational Posters 
  • Music by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, Yiannis Ioannides, Christiaan Bakker, and Tom Schley
  • Album Art by Dominik Johann and Sleeve Art by William Pugh
  • Includes Digital Download
Shipping Q3 2024

The Stanley Parable may be satire, but its artistry is sincere. Developer Crows Crows Crows understood that on a fundamental level, in order for its scathing deconstruction of interactive storytelling to really hit, The Stanley Parable had to feel like a polished, impressive piece of narrative fiction, in and of itself. That polish is present everywhere in the game, from its stark, corporate-approved visuals to its superb voice acting, to its extraordinary soundtrack. 

The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, Yiannis Ioannides, Christiaan Bakker and Tom Schley all contributed pieces to this indelible score. The resulting product is an eclectic mix of whimsical orchestral tunes, surprisingly tense ambient sounds, and heroically inspiring themes, sure to stir something deep within your formerly settled soul. Parody, tribute, and unexpectedly original moments of brilliance are present across the tracklist here in equal measure, each working towards the same cohesive final score. 

Now, we at iam8bit are here to bring that very same score to you, presented on wax, with all of the care and consideration it deserves. Introducing The Stanley Parable 2xLP, a collection of the very best songs from the hallmark indie title, spread across two discs and pressed on 100% recycled black wax. 

Lovely designers, Dominik Johann and William Pugh, crafted the cover art, which, much like the game itself (and indeed the soundtrack, too) is understated and brilliant — a loving tribute to Stanley’s possibly-traitorous sole companion, The Reassurance Bucket. It makes a mighty fine companion to your very own commemorative The Stanley Parable Collectible Bucket, if we do say so ourselves. And what’s more, that art is printed on recycled, eco-friendly packaging.

Now’s your chance to take home a piece of indie game history. Don’t miss out! 

20% of net proceeds from your Stanley Parable purchase will be donated to the non-profit charity 350.org to fight climate change. Browse the collection here.




© 2024 Crows Crows Crows. All rights reserved


[Side A]


Introducing Stanley

Exploring Stanley

Truth & Lies


And Stanley Was Happy

Following Stanley


Showing Him The Door

Showing Him The Door (Panic)

Contemplating Stanley


[Side B]

Informing Stanley

Leaving Stanley

Marketing Stanley

Pondering Stanley

Creep Tower

Thinking Theme

Good Job. You’ve Made It To The Bottom of The Mind Control Facility. Well Done.

Anticipating Stanley

The Memory Zone

C’est la Chanson sur La Mémory Zone (en Français)

New New Content


[Side C]

The Stanley Parable 2

The End Is Never The End Again

Is This A Bucket?

Stanley’s New Apartment

Showing Him The Bucket

The Bucket Destroyer Theme

Gambhorra’ta, Treasurer of The Profaned Vault


[Side D]

Home Sweet Home

The Silly Birds Observation Facility

But Nobody Came (not the one from undertale)

Stanley’s Sacrifice

The Infinite Hole

Falling Funk

Figurine Finders Committee

The End Was Never The End



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