• Outer Wilds: Collector's Edition

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$ 99.99

Shipping Q3 2024

  • iam8bit Collector’s Edition
  • Canvas Traveler’s Adventure Bag
  • Explorer’s Journal + Game Sleeve
  • Chert’s Bandana
  • Set of 7 Planetary Patches
  • Bonus item from a doomed timeline
  • Eye of the universe clasp
  • Base game + Echoes of the Eye Expansion complete on cartridge/disc
  • Region free Worldwide Compatibility


ESRB E10+ Rating

Shipping Q3 2024

Outer Wilds is nothing short of a transcendent experience. The story of a solar system trapped in an ever-repeating time loop, Mobius Digital’s debut title tasks players with piecing together a planet-hopping mystery, tracing the footprints of an ancient, forgotten precursor species as they race against a 22-minute timer. 

Outer Wilds exploded like a supernova onto the indie game scene in 2019, but the definitive version took a little more time to arrive here on our planet – titled Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition, this game-of-the-year style bundle is the complete OW experience packaged together, including the decidedly-darker expansion Echoes of the Eye

At iam8bit, we like to think of ourselves as intrepid intergalactic explorers, so we were all-too-pleased at the prospect of teaming up with our friends at Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive to bring the Archaeologist Edition to life with a cosmic-sized Collector’s Edition. 

Outer Wilds: Collector’s Edition features the entire Outer Wilds experience on a single cartridge/disc, with an adventure bag full of goodies to boot. 

You get a Traveler’s Adventure Bag, tailor-made to hold all of the artifacts found across your expeditions. And what’s a bag without a few merit badges to decorate it? That’s why we’ve included a set of 7 patches, each one adorned with a different celestial body from Outer Wilds’ unforgettable solar system. You’ll also get an explorer’s journal that doubles as a game slipcase, perfect for logging detailed notes on your various (mis)adventures. And to make sure you’re really ready for your next expedition, we’ve even included a replica of Chert’s bandana where you’ll find a constellation map, ensuring you’ll never get lost in the far reaches of space. The Eye of the universe metal bandana clasp is sure to complete your scout-tastic look.

And the finale? You get your very own █████-███████ █████! It all adds up to a one-of-a-kind Collector’s Edition worth its weight in stardust. 

© 2024 Mobius Digital, LLC. Published by Annapurna Interactive under exclusive license. All rights reserved.

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