• TOEM 2xLP & PlayStation 5 Physical Edition Bundle

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$ 77.98
$ 72.98
  • Get the TOEM Physical Edition plus the TOEM Vinyl soundtrack together for a special discounted price! 
  • Includes 4 character standees, allowing you to photograph your favorite characters in the wild, just like in the game
  • Game Cover Art by Nuri Durr 
  • 2xLP on Classic Black Vinyl
  • Music by Jamal Green and Launchable Socks
  • Album art by Nuri Durr
  • Includes Digital Download for Music


ESRB E Rating

TOEM? More like two ‘em! 

This special bundle from iam8bit & developer/publisher Something We Made offers a double dose of pictorial perfection. You get the TOEM Physical Edition on your choice of platform, plus the TOEM Vinyl Soundtrack, bundled together all nice with a sweet discount on top. They’ll ship together, too! It’s like your own personal photo tour, sent straight to your mailbox. 

Find stand alone versions of TOEM here

TOEM © 2021 Something We Made AB



Title Theme - Launchable Socks 

Homelanda Interlude - Viktor Eidhagen

Photo Of Home - Jamal Green

Squirrel Photography - Launchable Socks

Ghosts - Jamal Green 

Summer Breeze - Jamal Green

Pine Needles - Launchable Socks

Stanham Interlude - Viktor Eidhagen, Launchable Socks

NAUT - Jamal Green

A Place In The Sun - Launchable Socks 



Blub - Viktor Eidhagen 

The Smiling Huntsman - Jamal Green 

Fisherman's Tune - Launchable Socks 

Logcity Interlude - Viktor Eidhagen 

The Big City - Launchable Socks, Jamal Green 

On The Hour - Launchable Socks 

Hustle Bustle Shuffle - Jamal Green 

Hop Skip Step - Launchable Socks 

Kiiruberg Interlude - Viktor Eidhagen, Launchable Socks 



Stories Of Snow - Launchable Socks 

Life Through A Lens - Jamal Green 

The Petting Of A Sacred Deer - Jamal Green, Viktor Eidhagen

Tall & Shy - Launchable Socks 

TOEM - Launchable Socks

Everybody That You Meet - Jamal Green



Postcards - Jamal Green

Song Of The Sea - Launchable Socks

One By One - Jamal Green

Hammock Days - Launchable Socks

Night Jam - Launchable Socks, Jamal Green

A Warm Days Night - Jamal Green

Sailor's Tune - Launchable Socks


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