• Bee and PuppyCat 2xLP

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$ 42.99

Shipping Q3 2024

  • 2xLP on Pretty Patrick Pink & Wizard Green vinyl
  • Music by Will Wiesenfeld
  • Album Art by Show Creator Natasha Allegri
Shipping Q3 2024

Let’s face it: Your early twenties can be pretty tough. Meeting new people, carving out your place in the world, and somehow finding the time to make rent in between is challenging stuff. It’s helpful to have a grumpy little space-faring best friend by your side, someone to guide you through your intergalactic oddjob adventures — or to just be a pal who can share a snack with you on the couch after a long, long day. 

That’s the heart of Natasha Allegri’s creative, cute and cordial animated adventure, Bee and PuppyCat. Our titular heroine and her adorable feline-canine hybrid embark on all sorts of misadventures through the mysterious Fishbowl Space, meeting a cast of quirky, sincerely sketched characters along the way. Through this heartwarming and unabashed weirdness, the show at once defies explanation and feels entirely cozy and familiar, like a long-lost childhood friend. 

The show’s surreal electronic soundtrack lives in that space, too. Packed with bite-sized themes and mischievous little loops, artist Will Wiesenfeld (of Baths) has crafted a luscious soundscape that feels like a digitized warm summer breeze. 

We at iam8bit are proud to partner with our friends at Milan and Frederator Studios to bring this soundscape to you, for the first time, on vinyl. This is the Bee and PuppyCat 2xLP, 4 whopping sides of sweet, sweet selections from Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Bee and PuppyCat (Original Netflix Series) soundtrack. 

And, of course, for your added enjoyment, we’ve taken the liberty of pressing the whole thing on a beautiful 2-disc set, featuring Pretty Patrick Pink & Wizard Green Vinyl sure to make you “ooh” and “ahh” the second it’s unsheathed. What will it be sheathed in, you ask? Glad you did: We collaborated with series creator Natasha Allegri to produce all-new illustrated art of your favorite freelancing duo, including both nostalgically warm cover art and some sick center labels. 

So go ahead: Open up a window, grab a big ol’ bowl of candy, put this record on, and let all those early-twenties-troubles sweetly melt away. 




[Side A]

I Got Fired Today

Bee Helps

Café Cats

Puppycat Lullaby

Bee's House (Bee Theme)

Rain Walk

Donut Planet

Attack and Counterattack

Relaxing and Stressful

What's Your Favorite Color (Extended)

Insert Coin (Extended)


[Side B]

Cat Café 2

Café Siblings 2

Puff Punch

First Dream

Planet Wiggly

Planet Wiggly (Coda)

You Love Me

You Love Me (Reprise)

Morning Bee

Bee Theme (Reprise)

Toast (Piano Variation)

Orange! _ Motorbike (Reprise)

Where We Live Now

Where We Live Now (Reprise)

Planet Racetrack 2

Mr Cup's Cup 2

Space Lullaby (ft. Natasha Allegri)

End Credits


[Side C]

Ocean Drops

Pretty Patrick Special Lunch Adventure

Meeting Pretty Patrick

Planet Bowl

Galactic Bloom

Cardamon Drops (Reprise)

Puppycat Simple

Planet Telepathy 2 /Can't Leave

Planet, Can't Leave, Ugly Crier



Planet Clown

Planet Clown (Reprise)


[Side D]

Wesley Fishing

Cake and Presents

Wesley Fishing (Reprise)

Planet Toilet, Friends, Wesley


Planet Broken Heart

Moully's Theme


Wishes Get Weird

Cooking Prince

Ship Interior


Puppycat Lullaby (Instrumental)


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