• Village Map Fine Art Print (Untitled Goose Game)

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$ 50.00
  • 16x24” Frameable Giclée Print
  • Museum Quality & Archival
  • Hand-Deckled Vintage-Style Edging
  • Officially Licensed Untitled Goose Game Loveliness
  • Artwork by Marigold Bartlett @GhostTownGoldie

There are few joys in life as delightful as a classically illustrated map. Maps, when drawn by an talented artist, are quite wonderful, not only because they help you navigate your world, but also because all sorts of additional flourishes are present. The people, the signage, the vibrant soul of a location - that’s all here, in this map, which would certainly be lacking in a technical Google rendition. This non-technical map, beautifully composed by artist Marigold Bartlett, if reduced down to a single human emotion, simply makes us smile. It’ll make you smile every day, too, if it were hanging on your wall. Consider it, for the sake of your daily happiness.

What the heck is a Giclée?

Giclée (pronounced zhee-klay) is a rather fancy-pants word, but it's used with good reason. It means that the print is MUSEUM QUALITY, produced using archival, fade-resistant ink and acid-free, fine art paper.



House House  Panic    

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