• Rez Infinite - Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP + Retrospective Book + 7” Bonus Vinyl - Orange Vinyl Edition

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$ 75.00
  • 180-gram vinyl
  • Remastered Soundtrack 2xLP
  • Bonus 7-inch Vinyl for Area X
  • 64-page Retrospective Book
  • Featuring rare & candid conversations with the original development team!
  • Book Written by Nick Hurwitch
  • Album & Book Design by Cory Schmitz

“Music is an essential part of Rez Infinite, and when iam8bit sent a sample of their gaming vinyl work up until now, the decision was easy. iam8bit certainly didn’t disappoint on Rez Infinite, either – we were in love with their vision for this from the very first mockups we saw.”

-Tetsuya Mizuguchi // President and CEO, Enhance Games

This Collector’s Edition vinyl set includes 2xLP of music from the original Rez, completely remastered for vinyl, plus an extra bonus 7-inch record featuring music from the new “Area X” content.

Of course, Rez is about more than just music and we wanted some place to show off the visual side of the game as well. So, we bundled a retrospective art book with the vinyl -- 48-pages of giant Rez images (on some pages, 24 inches wide!!), complete with the comprehensive history of how and why Rez was created in the first place.

We worked with author Nick Hurwitch (The Hohokum Almanac, So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveller’s Guide to Time Travel) and designer Cory Schmitz (check the link because there’s too many things to list!) to interview Tetsuya Mizaguchi, as well as other key members of the original dev team, including art director Katsumi Yokota, programmer Osamu Kodera, artist Jake Kazdal, and Takashi Ishihara, the artist the new Area X content. What we ended up with was hours and hours of stories about the inspiration behind and creation of Rez – stories the team realized were just too good to waste. 



 Rez Infinite © 2016 Enhance Games; Rez © 2001 SEGA

Side A
Buggie Running Beeps 01 <Area 01>
Protocol Rain <Area 02>
Creation the State of Art <Full Option> <Area 03>

Side B
Rock Is Sponge <Area 04>
Fear <Rez edit> <Area 05>

Side C
Boss Attacks <Remix> <Eden/Last Boss>
F6 G5 <Lost Area>

Side D
Octaeder 0.1
Creative State
P-project <Trancemission>
Singularity X <Area X>
Butterfly Effect <Area X>

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