• Persona 4 Vinyl Soundtrack 4xLP

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$ 100.00
  • Fully Remastered for Vinyl!
  • 4xLP featuring P4’s most popular music
  • Premium Box Set
  • Includes Exclusive Customization Sticker Sheet & Postcard Pack-ins
  • Music by Atlus Sound Team
  • Album Art by Drew Wise

Widely regarded as one of the greatest OSTs of all-time, iam8bit is absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Atlus to bring the sounds of Persona 4 to vinyl. In stark contrast to P3’s more melancholy tunes, P4 is strikingly upbeat, consistently drenching the listener in “retro pop” feels — a highly enjoyable curation that can seamlessly loop in the background for eternity. The narrative device of dimension-rifting through TVs is lovingly translated to this premium box set design, which houses four spectacular LPs featuring fan favorite classics like, “Pursuing My True Self,” “Signs of Love,” “I’ll Face Myself -Battle-,” “Reach Out to the Truth,” “Heaven,” and the list goes on and on and on. This is an absolute “must have” release for video game music fans.


Track List

[Side A]

  1. Pursuing My True Self
  2. Glimpse of a Memory
  3. Welcome to the limousine
  4. Aria of the Soul
  5. New Days
  6. Signs Of Love
  7. Midnight Channel


[Side B]

  1. Your Affection
  2. Like a dream come true
  3. Who's There?
  4. Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle-
  5. SMILE


[Side C]

  1. Backside Of The TV
  2. Deduction
  3. Castle
  4. Border of Insanity
  5. I'll Face Myself -Battle-


[Side D]

  1. I'll Face Myself
  2. muscle blues
  3. It's SHOW TIME!
  4. Someone Else's Man
  5. Quelorie Magic!
  6. Sauna
  7. Awakening
  8. Reach Out To The Truth


[Side E]

  1. Reach Out To The Truth -Inst version-
  2. Specialist
  3. Theater
  4. Heartbeat, Heartbreak
  5. youthful lunch
  6. Game
  8. A New World Fool


[Side F]

  1. The Fog
  2. Period
  3. Junes Theme
  4. Strength of Heart (P4ver.)
  5. The Path is Open (P4ver.)
  6. Traumerei
  7. How much?
  8. Secret Base


[Side G]

  1. Heaven
  2. Alone
  3. Deduction -another version-
  4. Long Way
  5. Omen
  6. Corridor
  7. The Almighty


[Side H]

  1. The Genesis
  2. I'll Face Myself -another version-
  3. Never More
  4. Electronica In Velvet Room
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