• Persona 1 & 2 Vinyl Soundtrack Bundle

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$ 89.99
  • Fully Remastered for Vinyl!
  • Revelations: Persona 1xLP with track listing curated by Atlus Sound Team
  • Persona 2: Eternal Punishment and Persona 2: Innocent Sin 2xLP featuring track listing curated by Atlus Sound Team
  • Two Premium Box Set Bundle
  • Each Box Includes an Exclusive Customization Sticker Sheet & Postcard Pack-ins
  • Music by Atlus Sound Team
  • Album Art by Drew Wise

Releasing some 25 years ago, this is precisely where the legacy of the Persona series began. Collected here across three LPs, rarely heard tracks from several installments have been fully remastered for vinyl, including music from Revelations: Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. These albums are a sentimental blast from the PSone era meets JRPG past, hardened through time, like fine wine, featuring the meme-y “Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy Song” and quintessentially, P2’s excellent “Boss Battle” theme. This is a set of two premium boxes containing three LPs.  This set sits perfectly alongside each of the other iam8bit x Atlus releases in the Persona vinyl collection.



*Due to the limited nature of this release there is a one per customer limit. Orders beyond this limit will be cancelled.

Revelations: Persona 1xLP

Track List

[Side A]

  1. Persona
  2. Elly's Theme
  3. Nanjo's Theme
  4. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy Song
  5. Battle: Awakening
  6. Dungeon: City 1 School (Revisited)
  7. Battle: Mid Boss
  8. Brown's Theme
  9. Maki's Theme: Cheerful
  10. Dungeon: Police Station
  11. Mark's Theme
  12. Reiji's Theme
  13. Kandori's Theme: Sorrow


[Side B]

  1. Dungeon: SEBEC Ground Level
  2. Battle: Tesso
  3. Dungeon: Deva Yuga
  4. Battle: Pandora
  5. Snow Queen's Theme: Main
  6. Yukino's Theme
  7. Ayase's Theme
  8. Normal Battle
  9. Dungeon: Ice Castle
  10. Battle: Night Queen


Persona 2

Track List

[Side A] Innocent Sin 

  1. Opening
  2. Seven Sisters High A
  3. Hero's Theme
  4. Boss Battle
  5. Kurosu's Theme
  6. Eikichi's Theme: Sad
  7. Kuzunoha Detective Agency
  8. Seven Sisters High B
  9. Ginko's Theme
  10. Maya's Theme
  11. Yukino's Theme


[Side B] Innocent Sin

  1. Kasugayama High School
  2. CD Shop: Giga Macho
  3. Outdoor Concert Hall
  4. Battle
  5. Velvet Room
  6. Order of the Holy Lance
  7. Fukuhara
  8. Final Boss Battle
  9. Maya's Death
  10. Last Batallion


[Side C] Eternal Punishment

  1. Opening
  2. Maya's Theme 2
  3. Seven Sisters High
  4. Mt. Katatsumuri
  5. Boss Battle
  6. The Time Count
  7. Daily Life
  8. Club Zodiac
  9. Management Room
  10. Battle
  11. BGM II


[Side D] Eternal Punishment

  1. Velvet Room: Nanashi Arrangement
  2. BAOFU
  3. Abandoned Factory
  4. Nichirinmaru
  5. Ocean Ruins
  6. Rumormonger Nekomata
  7. Sumaru Castle
  8. Great Evil
  9. Monado Mandala
  10. EX Final Battle
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