• Oh Deer Diner Thermos by Airam (Alan Wake II)

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$ 29.99
  • Premium Alan Wake II replica
  • 0.45L / 15 US ounces
  • High-quality glass interior
  • Based on Airam’s classic model
  • Created in close collaboration with Remedy Entertainment
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 27 cm / 3.3” x 10.6”

Escaping from a living nightmare is no easy task. Even the most tenacious author-turned-hero needs a coffee break every now and then. 

It’s no wonder, then, that the Oh Deer Diner Thermos has gained such a cult following among Alan Wake II fans. Scattered throughout the game world, these thermoses act as little blue beacons of hope shining brightly in a world full of horrors, letting Alan and Saga enjoy a brief moment of respite as they save their games. 

Developer Remedy Entertainment has teamed up with Airam, a legendary Finnish manufacturer, to bring these Oh Deer Diner thermos bottles to life. This partnership between two iconic Finnish companies marks the first time Airam has collaborated with another brand. The result? A high-quality, physical extension of the gaming experience for diehard Alan Wake fans. 

Its appearance is true to the light blue thermos bottles featured in both Alan Wake and Alan Wake II. Inside, this limited edition thermos features a high-quality glass interior — the same as Airam’s traditional 0.45 liter bottle. 

iam8bit is humbled to play a key role in distributing this unique item to fans worldwide, for this special release. It’s an artfully delightful representation of Airam and Remedy’s shared commitment to high-quality design. 



Alan Wake copyright © Remedy Entertainment Plc 2010 - 2023. “Alan Wake” is a registered trademark of Remedy Entertainment Plc. All rights reserved.


*Due to the limited nature of this release there is a one per customer limit. Orders beyond this limit will be cancelled.

**Please be aware that while iam8bit has taken efforts to ensure that your thermos product is undamaged, some boxes may not arrive in mint condition. We will not provide replacement boxes on ANY Alan Wake 2 Thermos purchases.

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