• Manifold Garden (Playstation 5 Physical Edition)

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$ 29.99
  • iam8bit Exclusive Edition 
  • Intricately Detailed Pop-Up Display Art
  • Reversible Cover Art by Sasha E Head
  • Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility



Game Developers Choice Awards - Best Debut Finalist 2019
Day of the Devs - Official Selection 2019
Independent Game Festival - Excellence in Audio Honorable Mention 2019
Beazley Designs of the Year - Digital Category Nominee 2020
The New Yorker - Best of 2019

The conundrum of video games is that there is always a limitation whether budget, memory and/or time. There’s no escaping this practicality… or is there? Case study anomaly: the technological and artistic achievement that is Manifold Garden, created by the genius William Chyr over the course of 8½ painstaking years. At first blush, it’s a psychics-dripping puzzle game, but examine further and you’ll realize that it has actually cracked the conundrum. It is “infinity incarnate” an endless masterwork that tells a finite story, but does so with the beautiful illusion of absolutely limitless scope. Environments stretch of forever and ever, but yet, despite its impossible architectural trappings, there is a natural beauty at play. You, the player, are meant to cultivate a garden, and by encouraging the prosperity of plantlife and waterways, you continue to unlock the many secrets of this abstract and amazing world.


*Select retailers may receive a non-limited variant of this title (without pack-ins or exclusives). Wholesale purchases are not yet finalized and are not guaranteed.

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