• Grim Fandango 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

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$ 42.99
  • Vintage Black Vinyl 
  • Remastered Orchestral Soundtrack (20th Anniversary Director's Cut Edition)
  • ‘Many Manny Faces’ Diecut Cover
  • Music by Peter McConnell
  • Album Art by Holly Rothrock

Jazz isn’t dead. Well, actually, in this case, it is... but in the most thematically appropriate way. To celebrate the quarter-century anniversary of Manny’s odyssey through the afterlife, we’re repressing the Grim Fandango 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack, originally released five years ago for the game’s 20th birthday. Composer Peter McConnell’s trumpet-y and rambunctious big band lounge act can finally be heard the way it was always intended - on vintage black vinyl.  Real human orchestras were rarely used for video game music back in the 90s, but in this Remastered Director’s Cut, every note was re-recorded and performed by actual fleshy people. The results are foot-tapping and chill, turning your living room into a veritable smokey club (smoke not included).



Side A
Grim Fandango
On The Roof
Mr. Frustration
Ledge Peckers
Domino's Office
Lost Souls Alliance
Casino Calavera
Swanky Maximino

Side B
Smooth Hector
She Sailed Away
Hi-Tone Fandango
High Roller
By the Lighthouse
Farewell Lola
Hector Steps Out
Gambling Glottis
Trouble With Carla
Blue Hector
Blue Casket Bop
The Lola Zapata
Sunken Lola
Side C
Miner's Room And Factory Hub
Lamancha Sub - Crushed
Temple Gate
Mayan Train Station
9th Heaven
Nuevo Marrow
The Englightened Florist
Meadow Flowers
Manny & Meche
Bone Wagon

Side D
Manny's Office
Copal's Office
In The Lobby
Lost Souls Alliance - Alt Solo
Lost In The Petrified Forest
This Elevator Is Slow
Blue Casket Bop - Alt Solo
Raoul Appears
Talking Limbo
Domino's In Charge
Los Angelitos
Coaxing Meche
Neon Ledge

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