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$ 20.00
  • Second Edition
  • iam8bit’s FIRST Tabletop Release
  • Quick and Furious Tabletop Card Game 
  • Full-Color Premium 21 Card Deck in Deluxe Box  
  • Developed by Video Game Industry Veterans Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann & Robbie Fraser 
  • Art by Terri Vellmann

“I didn’t make this game but I played it and I love it.” 
- Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine Productions
“Great small games are hard to come by, so discovering Dustbiters was like finding a hidden cache of fuel in a desert wasteland. Perfectly streamlined and loaded with tricky decisions, this game will be hitchhiking in my pocket for years to come.” 
- Jon Perry, Game Designer
“It really does feel like a [REDACTED]* clash. You can picture taking out fast paced cars left and right with explosions and dust all over the place.” 
- Greg Rice, PlayStation Indies
*nondescript post apocalyptic car based movie IP

DUSTBITERS is a collaboration between some of the best, coolest and craziest human beings that also happen to be award-winning game designers and illustrators (see below for the full resume). It’s also the first tabletop game from iam8bit.

DUSTBITERS is quick to learn and easy to understand. There are very few rules, but an infinite number of creative ways to get yourself out of a tough situation. Cars are *everything*. There are no tokens, no math, no dice. Just cars. Each is unique and affects those around it in different and surprising ways. During your turn you will have 3 actions to spend in a variety of ways. To win, you must make clever use of your cars to destroy - or outlast your opponent. But don't forget - at the end of each turn the dust storm will destroy whichever car is at the back of the convoy!

  • Jan Willem Nijman is an independent game designer, formerly 50% of Vlambeer. Has worked on games such as Disc Room, Minit, Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, and many many more. JW does not own a car but instead rides a very rusty bicycle. 

  • Terri Vellmann is an independent illustrator and game designer based in Brazil. Has released games such as SLUDGE LIFE, Disc Room, High Hell and Heavy Bullets. Has actually driven a car a handful of times in the last decade and survived. 

  • Robbie Fraser is a South African independent game designer and member of Free Lives. Known for the likes of Broforce, Gorn, and Genital Jousting. Routinely drives his car, but tries to keep car battles to a minimum.
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