• Cuphead CD Set: Songs & Sketches

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$ 39.99
  • iam8bit Japan Import
  • 2-Disc CD Set, including 12 variant tracks & two completely new, never-before-released tracks!
  • Music by Kristofer Maddigan
  • Lovingly Mastered for CD by Wreckhouse Mastering
  • Exclusive Booklet w/ Archival Cuphead Artwork and never-before-read Liner Notes by composer Kristofer Maddigan

The rollicking, lively jazz of Cuphead is a musical institution of modern game soundtracks… which is a bit of an oxymoron, considering it is truly a blast from the past. It’s a score that defies convention, boasting a 1930s style big band luster that can only be achieved by recording super talented humans playing actual old-school instruments in a studio. The tunes have become so popular globally that StudioMDHR and iam8bit Japan teamed up to release a 2-CD set, featuring for the first time ever composer Kris Maddigan’s extensive liner notes, because he’s simply never written down his thoughts on the inspiration for and creation and recording of the Cuphead soundtrack until... right now! 


Studio MDHR
iam8bit Japan

CD 1
1    Don't Deal with the Devil (Demo)*
2    Don’t Deal with the Devil
3    Don’t Deal With the Devil (Piano Version)*
4    Tutorial
5    Elder Kettle
6    Inkwell Isle One
7    Botanic Panic
8    Threatenin’ Zeppelin
9    Die House (Demo)*
10    Die House
11    Aviary Action
12    Porkrind’s Shop
13    Floral Fury
14    Clip Joint Calamity (Piano Version 1)*
15    Clip Joint Calamity
16    Inkwell Isle Two
17    Carnival Kerfuffle
18    Fiery Frolic
19    The Mausoleum
20    Legendary Ghost
21    Pyramid Peril
22    Sugarland Shimmy
23    Victory Tune
24    A Quick Break
25    Botanic Panic (Demo)*
26    Clip Joint Calamity (Demo)*
27    Nintendo Switch Announcement
1    Inkwell Isle Three
2    Honeycomb Herald
3    Shootin’ ’n’ Lootin’
4    Perilous Piers
5    Dramatic Fanatic
6    Murine Corps
7    Rugged Ridge
8    High Seas Hi-Jinx
9    Railroad Wrath
10    Inkwell Hell (Piano)*
11    The King’s Court
12    Chief Evil Officer
13    Admission to Perdition
14    Ominous Interlude
15    One Hell of a Time
16    The End
17    Winner Takes All
18    The Bitter End*
19    Closing Credits
20    Inkwell Isle One (Demo)*
21    Aviary Action (Demo)*
22    Honeycomb Herald (Demo)*
23    Tombstone Tango*
24    Clip Joint Calamity (Piano Version 2)*

*Note: anything with a star is a previously unreleased rendition of a song, and “The Bitter End” and “Tombstone Tango” are entirely brand new songs! All in all, 14 new or variant tracks! Hurrah!


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