• Akupara Games Triple Birthday Bundle

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$ 66.66


  • 3 of Our Favorite Akupara Games on Switch for a New Great Price
  • Take on the Psychedelic, Side-Scrolling world Of Spinch, brought to you by Artist Jesse Jacobs
  • Explore the Gravity-Defying Puzzles of Altered Matter’s Etherborn
  • Marvel at the Elaborate Stories and Gardens in Die Gute Fabrik’s Mutazione
  • Holy Heck, A Free Button?!
  • Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility


ESRB E Rating

iam8bit and Akupara Games are like peanut butter and jelly. Since the publisher’s founding on the back of a giant tortoise, we’ve admired their eye for meaningful, quality games and their heartfelt devotion to bringing those games to a wider audience. 

This bundle is a celebration of that Akupara approach to publishing, a collection of three titles that represent the wide, weird and exciting scope of what indie games can be. 

From Die Gute Fabrik’s ethereal gardening adventure game Mutazione, to artist Jesse Jacob’s bubbly & psychedelic Spinch, to the gravity-defying puzzles of Altered Matter’s Etherborn, Akupara Games have curated a catalog of games worthy of your shelf space. We’re happy to play our part in bringing them to your door with this stunning collection. 

It’s all in celebration of Akupara Games’ 6th birthday — and what’s a birthday bash without a little party favor? That’s why we’re including a button with every order. So when your friends ask why you’ve got a turtle in a birthday hat on your jacket, you can puff out your chest, look them in the eye, and speak the truth with pride: It’s because you love indie games. 


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