• Cuphead Collector's Edition

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$ 199.99


  • Black Friday Discount Live 11/9 at 9am PT
  • iam8bit Exclusive Collector’s Edition
  • IT’S COMPLETE!! This is the original Cuphead game plus The Delicious Last Course DLC on a single disc/cart.
  • WOW WOW WOW!! An ~8" Tall Handcrafted Cuphead Marionette - Fully Puppetable, Crafted by the Legendary Artisans at Rici Marionettes in Prague
  • Tunes… for Toons!? A Marvelous, Mechanical, Hand-Crank Music Box
  • Like to Laugh? Enjoy Six (6) Original "Cuphead Funnies”
  • It’s Official!! The Cuphead Club Membership Card - Individually Numbered!
  • For Map Lovers!! A Foldout Inkwell Isles Poster
  • Dress Up Your Game Case - with a Classy O-Sleeve
  • What’s That!? Sensational Interior Artwork!? Don’t mind if I Do!
  • AND OH MY!! A Premium, Transforming Outer Box featuring the Infamous Asbestos Safety Curtain, Perfect for Displaying your Cuphead Marionette
  • Click here for Cuphead Handcrafted Marionette + Music Box (no game included)


ESRB Rating Everyone 10+

Cuphead and his pal Mugman like to roll the dice. 5 years ago, that particular pastime got them in a whole heap of trouble, and Cuphead became an instant indie darling. Heck, let’s call it what it really was, and remains to this day — a global, worldwide, international phenomenon unlike anything before!!


The purveyors of premium pop at iam8bit (that’s us!) know that Cuphead deserves a Collector’s Edition like no other — one that dares to dream and lives up to the care, craftsmanship, and meticulous artistry that defines Studio MDHR’s hand-drawn masterpiece. Now, half a decade later, that Collector’s Edition is FINALLY here. 

This is no mere, run-of-the-mill game in a box situation — it’s a spectacle of spectacular proportions!

Inside, you’ll find a whole heap of wonderful, including the complete Cuphead experience on disc/cart, which means you’ll be getting the original, sensational Cuphead, plus its flabbergastingly good DLC, The Delicious Last Course, packaged together with amazing interior artwork and an O-Sleeve that is oh so charming.

YOU STILL THERE!? Because this sundae only gets more yummy!

BEHOLD the absolute wonderment that is Cuphead in Marionette form. YES, YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY!! You, dear reader, can adopt your very own string-adorned, fully operational Cuphead puppet, rocketed into fame by a series of shorts (like THIS and THIS) from our pals at the stop motion studio Screen Novelties, and fabulously replicated, with excruciating attention to detail, by the extremely talented artisans at Rici Marionettes, an absolutely legendary workshop in Prague. These are meticulously handmade, y’all!


You’ll also find six (6) illustrated “Cuphead Funnies from your buds at Studio MDHR, single-panel comics starring Cuphead & pals in various side-splitting situations. Plus, you’ll receive an individually-numbered Cuphead Club Membership Card, officially inducting you into the hallowed company of other distinguished run-and-gunners. We’ve also included an exclusive poster of the Inkwell Isles, perfect for plotting out your next misadventure. 


Any great performance needs a zippy soundtrack, and that’s exactly what you’ll get by turning the tiny crank on the delightfully sweet Marvelous, Mechanical Music Box, also included in this incredible package. Create that signature tinny analog sound to tap your (and your marionette’s) feet to.


The answer has been right in front of you the whole time — a Premium, Transforming Box, adorned with the infamous Asbestos Safety Curtain insignia and a mini interior stage, that your best pal Cuphead will feel right at home on. Display him for all to admire, or invite him out into your living room for some good old-fashioned dancin’, prancin’ or mischievin’.

SAY HELLO to the Cuphead Collector’s Edition - a veritable treasure trove of endless entertainment for anyone who finds both comfort and delight in absolutely joyous and happy things. 

© CUPHEAD is a trademark of StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc., all rights reserved.

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