• Wattam 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack: Mattaw

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$ 39.99
  • 2xLP Bowler Hat Black Vinyl
  • Innovative Packaging w/ Popout Mayor Hat
  • Music by Asuka, Brad, Sam and Timmie
  • Album Art by Keita Takahashi

Wattam is undoubtedly a game bursting with personality thanks to its colorful cast of characters, yet creator Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy) knows just how important music is to dosing the universe with whimsy and charm. You don’t stand a chance against this incredible album, because listening to its many wondrous tracks immediately induces serenity through cartoonishly large smiles. Perfectly transporting listeners to an alternate realm of absolute glee, this soundtrack is actively jolly, yet surprisingly loungey, especially that infectiously - and instantly classic - theme song. 


Side A
A Long Time: The Six Years
Eat Your Veggies
Porcelain Party
Bowling in the Clouds
Operation Receiver
Cry Me An Ocean
Cave of the Past
I Am A Scroll
The Royals

Side B
Bucket of KaBoom
Duck Dance
Staryy Blue Sky
Secret Treasures of the High Sea
When the Leaves Change
The Detective
The Chase, the Reunion
Hungry, Hungry Tree
Cave of the Present
I Am A Book

Side C
Back To School
Professor Book
A Place to Rest Your Head
We're Going On A Monster Hunt
Jack O' Lantern
Winter Wonderland
Cave of the Future
I Am A Futuristic Gadget
Sugar Rush

Side D<
Trapped Inside the Pinecone
Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Dark Sphere's Rampage
The Universe
My Name is Moon
Piano Moon
Welcome Back
A Long Time: The Six Years (La La La)

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