• The Artful Escape 2xLP

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  • 2xLP on Psychedelic Blue and Pink vinyl
  • Featuring Timeless Classics and Mind-Blowing Space Jams, such as “The Banks of the River are Lined with Gold,” “Ode To Lightman” and “The City of Glimmer”
  • Music by Johnny Galvatron and Josh Abrahams
  • Album Art by Jim Rugg

Music is the heart and soul of The Artful Escape’s trippy, otherworldly adventure. Developer Beethoven & Dinosaur’s debut title is a deeply personal, reflective work, filtered through the prism of rock ‘n’ roll. The game’s hero, Francis Vendetti, sets off to discover himself through the power of music, embarking on an intergalactic odyssey that transcends space and time.

How could we at iam8bit not work with our pals at publisher Annapurna Interactive and Beethoven & Dinosaur to create a vinyl testament worthy of The Artful Escape’s groovy glamor?  It’s a match made in the ziggiest of stardusts.

What we’ve put together here is, if you don’t mind us saying, a doozy. It’s two discs packed with the best of the game’s psychedelic soundtrack, from Josh Abraham and Johnny Galvatron, featuring timeless classics and mind-blowing space jams, such as “The Banks of the River are Lined with Gold,” “Ode To Lightman” and “The City of Glimmer.” 

And who else could provide appropriately face-melting album artwork, but the talented and prolific cartoonist/illustrator Jim Rugg? It’s the sounds of The Artful Escape as they were meant to be heard — wait…no, experienced




The Banks of the River are Lined with Gold


All that Glitters is Not Gold 

If It Don_t Work Out

Folk Sci-fi Bedroom

A Thin Film of Atmosphere

Ode To Lightman

Lightmans Part A

Lightmans Part B



The Cosmic Extraordinary Theme

Iceberg Finale


Lightman Presents...

HelioTromms Theme

Forest Theme

Shopping District



The Ruby Cola

Monster Flight

A Chance Not Taken

The City of Glimmer

A Theme for Mountain Ridges

GlimmerDimm Choir

The Lumiere Violente

GlimmerDimm Synth



Hyperion Wailzone Opening Scene

Hyperion Welcoming

F Maj Hyperion Wailzone Theme

Lily Pad Drunk Funk

Village Turntables

HoverCar Theme

The Darkest Hour Theme

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