• The Messenger 2xLP

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$ 40.00
$ 19.99
  • 2xLP Past and Future Vinyl
  • Album Art By Peter Mohrbacher
  • Music by Rainbowdragoneyes
  • Limited edition of 3000
  • Includes Digital Download

The soundtrack to The Messenger is a rare gem prophesied in ancient scrolls. It’s a cathartic odyssey through mythology and mayhem, as imagined through the earholes of a prolific madman named Rainbowdragoneyes. This 2xLP represents the duality of the game’s narrative and it’s split-personality as an album. The first disc oozes with 8-bit NES-talgia, while the second disc journeys us into the 16-bit future. These are two distinct soundtracks borne of different eras, yet bonded by ninja sweat and demon blood. They are ambitious, addictive and totally fucking awesome.


The Past

Side A
A Messenger Is Needed
Ninja's Respite
Hills Of Destiny
Into The Depths
Bamboo Boogaloo
Harness The Winds
Quillshroom's Horrors
Impossible Ascent
The Frozen Light

Side B
The Time Gauntlet
The Arcane Shoppe
A Home Amongst The Clouds
Find A Way
The Poisoned River
Beneath The Tides
Fire & Earth
The Demon Army
The Corrupted Past
To Break The Curse

The Future

Side C
Ninja's Reprieve
Hills Of Intent
Remembered And Forgotten
Return To The Depths
Bamboo Boogaloo II
Harnessing The Wind
The Queendom Of Quills
To The Top
The Frozen Dark
The Tower Of Time
The Shopkeeper

Side D
Civilization In The Sky
Know The Way
The Blue River
Beneath The Surface
A Hero's Gift
Water & Wind
The Demon's Lair
Manfred, The Sky Serpent
The Corrupted Future
A Melody To Break The Curse

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