• Rez20 Anniversary Sticker Pack

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$ 10.00
  • Special 20th Anniversary Release
  • Limited Time Only!
  • Designed by Cory Schmitz
  • Four (x4) Sticker Set
  • Premium Weather-Proof Vinyl
  • Permanent Adhesive

Twenty years ago, on November 22, 2001 — video games as we knew them elevated to a deeper, more profound consciousness. Hot off the success of Space Channel 5, legendary producer and creator, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, forever changed the landscape of the modern music experience by manifesting Rez from ephemeral concept to actualized release. It was groundbreaking for so many reasons, revolutionizing not only the rhythm-based genre, but game design as a whole. Like a tidal sound wave, it proved that interactivity was boundless, and that our human senses demanded to be challenged and introduced to a brave new world of synthesis. Mizuguchi welcomed people to this surreal state of being, appropriately called “Synaesthesia,” not because it was the another sequel to a hit franchise, but because his soul — and the spirits of his insanely talented dev team — insisted that we as a species needed to feel Rez to be a more enlightened human.

In celebration of Rez’s birthday, iam8bit has collaborated with Miziguchi’s own Enhance Experience, as well as the brilliant Cory Schimitz, to offer this awesome, “limited time only” premium sticker pack. These are stickers that exist because we collectively love things of beauty, and when something is as monumental as Rez, you literally need to adhere it emblematically to skateboards, luggage, anything, with pride.

There are also two amazing shirts available here and here.



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