• Psychonauts 2 Collector's Edition

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$ 129.99


  • Includes both Psychonauts 2 “Motherlobe Edition” AND the original Psychonauts on separate discs!
  • Psychonauts 2 “Motherlobe Edition” features:
    • Lenticular O-Sleeve
    • Premium Die-cut Sticker Pack
    • Six (6) Art Cards
    • Digital Download Code for Exclusive Behind the Scenes Development Concepts
    • PLUS a Collector’s Edition exclusive Reversible Cover Sheet!
  • Psychonauts (2005) is an exclusive disc release for this Collector’s Edition
    • Digital Download Code for Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of the Psychonauts 2 Digital Soundtrack
    • Exclusive 5 Pin Set of the Feast of the Senses
    • 18x24” Blacklight Poster of Raz
    • Exclusive Poster of “Raz’s Archetype” from Psychonauts 2 by Chris Lam
    • Extra Sticker Sheet
    • All in a beautiful exclusive collector’s box!
  • Exclusive cover sheets and collector’s box art by Arno Kiss
  • Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility




With its sharp writing, quick wit, lovable cast, and figment-chasing gameplay, 2005’s Psychonauts garnered a well-deserved following that only became more ravenous for even more Raz-powered adventures. Developer Double Fine released Psychonauts 2 in 2021 and more than lived up to the first game’s legacy, earning a fair share of “Game of the Year” nods along the way. 

Now, we’re honoring these two games with a supreme Collector’s Edition worthy of its own merit badge. The PlayStation 4 version comes with both Psychonauts & Psychonauts 2, each on their own disc. For the Xbox One version, you’ll get Psychonauts & Psychonauts 2 on one disc and two discs, respectively. This marks not only the first time Psychonauts has been printed on disc for Xbox One, but it also marks the first time a backwards compatible Xbox game has had a disc release for Xbox One… EVVVVERRRRR!!

You’ll also get everything that’s included with our Psychonauts 2 “Motherlobe Edition,” including a lenticular o-sleeve, a premium die-cut sticker pack, six art cards, and a digital download of exclusive behind-the-scenes development concepts. 

This “Collector’s Edition” also includes a bevy of exclusive goods, including a reversible cover sheet you won’t find anywhere else, a 5-pin set of the psychedelic brain rock band, Feast of the Senses, an 18x24” blacklight poster of everyone’s favorite circus runaway Raz, and a bonus sticker sheet. Plus, we’ve included a download of all three volumes of the Psychonauts 2 Original Soundtrack! It’s all packaged in a neat and exclusive collector’s box, perfect for storing any and all emotional baggage. 

Both the cover sheet & box sport mind-bending artwork from illustrator Arno Kiss. It all adds up to a Collector’s Edition worth its weight in honey pepper boar bacon. 

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