• Carto (Playstation 4 Physical Edition)

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$ 29.99



  • iam8bit Exclusive Edition w/ 9-piece Tabletop Map Tiles (two-sided + interchangeable)
  • Reversible Cover Sheet
  • Cover Art by Kuan Hung Chen
  • Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility




These days, wonderment is a word that is rarely deployed. Yet, it conveys the precise sentiment that the world needs right about now. Humans are natural ponderers, and it’s in our DNA to explore. Carto is a very special game experience that reminds us of just how nourishing it can be to walk outside, amongst unfamiliar terrain, and admire what’s in front of us with pure curiosity. Developer Sunhead Games, in a brilliant move, translated this notion of curious exploration into a visual style that is so inviting, it’s like staring at a painterly landscape and losing all sense of time and place. As a satisfying bonus pack-in: a mix-and-match, tile-based puzzling mechanic that is such an in-game treat, we thought it would be just lovely to manifest this as a tabletop tile set of your very own. Onward, adventurers — Carto is just so damn enjoyable.


 *Select retailers may receive a non-limited variant of this title (without pack-ins or exclusives). Wholesale purchases are not yet finalized and are not guaranteed.



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