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  • The Muppet Christmas Carol - Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 29.99
    There’s something so magically transportive about the music of the holidays, and here at iam8bit, one of our beloved favorites is The Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s one of the best...
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    The Super Mario Bros. Movie 7”

    $ 12.99
      Here at iam8bit, we know a hit single when we hear it.  The uproariously hilarious “Peaches” from the The Super Mario Bros. Movie definitely qualifies; it’s a catchy, melodramatic...
  • Steven Universe 4 x 10” Vinyl Set

    $ 49.99
    Steven Universe is a one-of-a-kind animated opus, fusing musical celebration with storytelling in a way that inspires nothing short of spectacular smiling. Its songs are lively, jubilant and often emotional works...
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