• Maya and the Three 2xLP

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$ 42.99

Shipping Q3 2024

  • 2xLP on Sun and Moon vinyl
  • Heavyweight Gatefold Jacket w/ Ancient Metallic Embellishments
  • Music by Tim Davies and Gustavo Santaolalla
  • Front Album Art by Maya and the Three creator, Jorge R. Gutiérrez
  • Back Album Art by Richard Chen (@Richardchen.Draws)
Shipping Q3 2024

Bursting with joy and visual splendor, Maya and the Three is a bonafide animated epic, serialized across nine half-hour episodes and released on Netflix for all the world to enjoy. Series creator (and iam8bit pal) Jorge R. Gutiérrez presents a fantastical vision of a world deeply inspired by the rich and glorious traditions of Mesoamerican art.

That burning inspiration is alive and well in the series’ score, too. From its haunting, echoing flutes to its pounding, pulsing drumbeats, Maya and the Three’s music bursts with imagination and history. Now, you have a chance to experience it again and again. 

This is the Maya and the Three 2xLP. It’s the series score and theme from incomparable composers Tim Davies and Gustavo Santaolalla, pressed on Sun and Moon vinyl and presented in a high-quality gatefold jacket with foil embellishments.

Like the show itself, the album artwork embodies the values found in Mesoamerican art — bold, distinctive, and collaborative. The front cover is designed by show creator Jorge R. Gutiérrez, while the back is designed by art director Richard Chen

Viva la Maya! 




NETFLIX and related artwork © 2021 Netflix, Inc. Used with permission.  ℗ 2021 & © 2024 Netflix Music, LLC, under exclusive license to Milan Records, a label of Sony Music Entertainment.


[Side A]


Maya’s Theme (From "Maya and The Three" soundtrack)


The Tecas Ride (from "Maya and The Three" soundtrack)


Maya Begins




Rooster Skull Puma


Teca Attacks


Bolom Chon




[Side B]


Luna Y Selva


Rico the Rooster Wizard


Chimi's Theme


Chimi the Skull Archer


Cabrakan and Cipacti


Hura Can


Picchu’s Theme


[Side C]


Picchu the Puma Warrior




Ah Puch the Mysterious Goddess


Zatz the Prince of Bats




Lord Mictlan and Acat


Strong Medicine


The Three Fight


The Divine Gate


[Side D]




Micte’s Flashback


The Greatest Wizard


Ouroboros, the Final Fight


The Moon and the Sun


El Raspon




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