• Sea of Stars 2xLP

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$ 42.99

Shipping Q3 2024

  • 2xLP on Solar Orange and Lunar Blue Vinyl
  • Featuring Music by Eric W. Brown and Yasunori Mitsuda
  • Album Art by Bryce Kho
  • Includes Complete Soundtrack Download (200+ Tracks)
Shipping Q3 2024

Magnificent music is what takes an RPG from “great” to “one of the classics” and one thing’s for sure: Sabotage Studio understands what makes the classics. On top of their in-house composer Eric W. Brown working full time on the brilliant music for their modern RPG opus Sea of Stars, they enrolled Yasunori Mitsuda as a guest composer. Anything less than a legendary score simply wouldn’t do.

We at iam8bit are humbled to play a part in bringing that score to life, here for you. This is the Sea of Stars 2xLP, a veritable epic on Solar Orange and Lunar Blue wax. It’s the score to Sea of Stars, with all the swelling highs, whimsical diversions, and touching twists present in the game, forever enshrined on vinyl for your home listening pleasure. Put it on to focus on work or just relax after a long day of grinding. 

And of course, no iam8bit album would be complete without stunning cover art. Bryce Kho’s character design is as stunning as the music itself; simple, yet immediately evocative and recognizable - just the way a modern classic should be.  


© Sabotage Studio 2023. All rights reserved.


[Side A]

Mountain Trail

Mooncradle (day/night)


Garl’s Theme

Jungle Path (day/night)


Solstice Shrine (day/night)


[Side B]

Elder Mist Trials

Battle On





Romaya Ruxxtin


[Side C]

Air Skylands

Sky Base

Water Temple


Autumn Hills (day/night)

Glacial Peak (day/night)



[Side D]

Coral Cascades (Mitsuda) (day/night)

Serai's Theme (Mitsuda)

Sailing (Mitsuda)

Haunted Mansion (Mitsuda)

Dweller of Woe (Mitsuda)

Town of Mirth (Mitsuda) (day/night)

In The Womb of the Stars (Mitsuda)

Battle (Mitsuda)

Boss Battle (Mitsuda)


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