Astealthy viral promotion for undead-slaughtering sequel, Dead Rising 2, iam8bit spent weeks swelling suspense under the guise of fictional pharmaceutical conglomerate, Phenotrans. Initially, crytic voicemails were left on the voicemails of journalists, only to be followed up by in-office visits from “pharmaceutical reps,” insisting on the vaccination of each media outlet’s core staff. The crescendo came in the form of an unassuming, 10×10′ booth at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, staffed by polo’d specialists, educating attendees about the risk of zombie infection.

With zero Capcom or Dead Rising 2 branding, its effect was far-reaching, if not a bit terrifying, with attendees rather uncertain of its sincerity. Visitors to the Zombrex booth were administered H1N1-style “injections,” then gifted a takeaway syringe for “home use”.

The poster, designed by minimalist auteur, Olly Moss, proved so popular that Capcom included it in game itself, as well as the game’s retail “Collector’s Edition”.

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