We were sworn to secrecy… but now, after months of contractually obligated silence, we’re able to unveil our insanely extreme OFFICE MAKEOVER for Call of Duty developer, Treyarch. Originally contacted to provided some framed videogame art for their bare walls, iam8bit took one look at the corporate digs and saw the outrageous potential. This four-part video series (more videos coming soon) chronicles our intensive installation, involving lots of bloody clothing, severe hot glue burns, and way too many sodas from the vending machine. It was a massively collaborative effort, recruiting several famed artists to join the party, including Boneface, Jim Mahfood and Dave Crosland, that proved to be one of the most fulfilling and creatively energizing iam8bit projects to date.

In this first episode, we tackle what has been affectionately dubbed the "Zombie Hallway," where the team responsible for all the undead DLC toils every day making gory/hilarious content.
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