For Quantum Conundrum, Square-Enix’s first title out of their brand-new digital division, iam8bit was tagged to conceive of a viral campaign that communicated the rather lofty concept for the videogame. In it, players traverse a maze of rooms in a mega-mansion, solving puzzles by harnessing the power of alternate dimensions. It’s these warped realities — FLUFFY, HEAVY, ANTI-GRAVITY and SLOW-MO — that are the real stars of the gameplay, so it was important that each get their own moment in the spotlight.

The outrageously creative result was a fictional game show called “The Super Dimensional Quantum Learning’s Problems and Solutions Gametime Spectacular!!,” on which unsuspecting contestants were transformed and transported to otherworldly dimensions. Cast after a cryptic interview process, real fans comprised the studio audience, completely oblivious to what it was they were getting involved in. Host Kevin Pereira (G4’s Attack of the Show) and Professor Quadwrangle’s pet, an Interdimensional Kinetic Entity, better known as Ike, guided contestants through each episode as they defied cosmic logic to win AMAZING PRIZES!!

Teaser Trailer
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