For Game Developer’s Conference 2012 (or GDC, for initialism lovers), iam8bit was invited to create a crowd-sourcing experiment, harkening all the way back to 2011 when Painting with Pixels forever change the landscape of human existence. But this time, we had to up the ante… so we went BIGGER. And MAGNETIC.

Over the course of five days (March 5 thru 9), attendees were tasked with creating the NEXT GREAT VIDEOGAME CONCEPT using oversized magnetic words, slapping them onto a 20-foot-wide metal wall. If your imagination could muster it, we probably had a word (or words) for it. Once the TITLE and GENRE were established, an all-star lineup of industry artists (from character to concept designers), worked their magic on a Cintiq 24HD. Their goal: Make visual sense of each INSANELY TWISTED concept.

To think, before the eyes of thousands of GDC attendees, a billion dollar franchise could have been born. (Side note: We can attest that at least one licensing inquiry was made regarding a feature film.)

A very special thank you to all the artists who contributed: Franky Aguilar, Derek Brand, Greg Broadmore, Kinman Chan, Nathan Dollarhite, Seth Forester, Will Guy, Kim Herbst, Erich Meyr, Dawn Rivers, Levi Ryken, Ben Taylor and Ben Thompson.


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