In relocating the Spike Digital Entertainment and GameTrailers offices to a new floor at MTV’s Santa Monica headquarters, Senior Vice President Jon Slusser wanted to give his gang the most energetic, inspiring work space imaginable. The finished product was over 10,000 sq. ft. covered, from floor to ceiling, with original paintings, graffiti, wheat-pasting, and art installations. Themes for each “zone” stretch the gamut, from comic book heroes to hip-hop all-stars; plasma screens and vintage arcade games highlight the “gaming lounge”; and guests are playfully sent on their way via elevator doors that “fist bump,” thanks to a graphic illustration adhered to the heavy steal doors. The elite crew included famed artists Jim MahfoodAngry Woebots and Peekaboo Monster, working for over a week straight to completely decimate the haven of cubicles, transforming what could have been a typically stale corporate landscape into something way more more lively.
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