DuckTales has a special place in the hearts of an entire generation. The original game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989, but interest never waned. And that interest was our ultimate weapon! At the end of the Capcom panel at Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, the lights dimmed, the trailer rolled, but it was all a gigantic fake-out, leading fans to believe that it was a Lord of the Rings-style announcement. Doing a complete 180, the mood shifted, the classic DuckTales theme song began to play, and an army of over 1,000 diehards fully engaged in a massive, community Sing-A-Long, thereafter infecting masses more via the interweb (over 3.5 million views and counting). Thus launched the incredibly successful campaign for DuckTales: Remastered, which continued with a real-life incarnation of Scrooge’s Money Bin, allowing fans to fulfill their childhood fantasies of diving into a pool of coins and jewels; a wildly popular press kit, involving a custom-made gold NES cartridge; and several “Postcard Trailers,” with Launchpad McQuack playing host to the five exotic levels of the game, including Transylvania and The Moon.

Reveal Trailer


Crowd Reaction @ PAX


Scrooge's Money Bin @ iam8bit Entertainment System


One of five "Postcard Trailers"

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