It’s been a tradition for nearly three-and-a-half centuries, so it was a great honor for iam8bit to produce the “347th Annual Tamriel Beer Garden”. Truthfully, though – it’s a fabrication, devised as a community event to celebrate Elder Scrolls Online (you *almost* believed us!). The game inserts players into a massive open-world, allowing you to make even the most minor of choices as you live out a life of high fantasy. We wanted to recreate that experience IN REALITY. So in a 15,000 sq. ft. castle-like venue in downtown Boston, we did just that – erecting a small village complete with a merchant’s shop, a gigantic pub, a medieval band, gameplay stations, photo playsets, and much more. Upon entering, attendees were gifted a pouch of 20 custom-made coins – which they then had to spend to do pretty much anything. Beer cost two coins, while the merchant peddled higher-priced goods, like collectible pewter steins. To keep the economy lively, a cast of a dozen actors roamed the venue – in full makeup, masks and wardrobe – some of whom might even gamble with you. Part event, part sociological study (drawing 1,700+ people) – it’s quickly become an event of legend.



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