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Is this a real, playable SNES cart?

Yes. Our Legacy Cartridges are brand new, playable SNES carts using the original game ROMs and are playable on any working SNES-compatible console.


NTSC, pal.

Aren’t these just repros?

No. They are fully licensed reproductions of the original games, brand new and assembled by hand. Our Legacy Cartridge Collection features unique cartridge colors, premium packaging with embossing, gloss, and embellishments, and high quality retro pack-ins that honor the original release.

Let’s get technical: Do the cartridge boards use 3 volt memories, or 5 volt memories?

To answer this, we’re bringing in Paul from Infinite Lives NES. Take it away, Paul:

5 volt.

All cartridge based consoles contain a "ROM" memory chip which includes the game's code and data for graphics, audio, etc. Prior to the mid-90's consoles and memories inside their cartridges operated at levels of 5 volts. Large 16 megabit - 5 volt memory chips which the original Street Fighter II cartridge uses are no longer readily available in today's market. Due to the progression of technology over the years, the majority of large memories have reduced to ~3 volts or less.

This presents a problem when electrically designing cartridges for retro gaming consoles of decades past using all new parts available in today's market. While 3v memory chips will likely work directly connected to 5 volt retro consoles; it violates the specifications for both the components in the console and cartridge. To prevent excessive wear & risk of damage, special components must be placed in between the 5 volt console and 3 volt memory. These "voltage level translators" are included in all our cartridges as they should be, allowing 5 volt consoles to play cartridges designed with all new components including 3 volt memories just as safely as original cartridges.

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