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  • Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania - 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

    From $ 39.99
    Way back in 2001, we witnessed monkey mayhem unfurl, by way of a topsy-turvy gameplay mechanic that probably sounded pretty wacky on paper. Super Monkey Ball was totally bizarre and...
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    Sonic Colors: Ultimate 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 39.99
    Sonic is downright mythical, effortlessly bobbing and weaving through console generations for the last 30 years. Through dozens of games — and even some wild genre-hopping — it’s perplexing to...
  • Spiritfarer 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 39.99
    Like life, the best soundtracks are a many-splintered pathway — encompassing everything from the happy moments to the scary unknowns. Composer Max LL has clearly experienced the up, down and...
  • Sea of Thieves 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 99.99
    Legendary developer Rare, Xbox Game Studios, and iam8bit have been collaborating for quite a lot of years. Despite countless cool projects, the very product description you’re reading recalls our most...
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    Weezer x Wave Break 7" (feat. "Tell Me What You Want")

    $ 11.99
    Few bands have had as much cultural impact upon generations of gamers as Weezer has, making this release all the more resonant. iam8bit has ecstatically partnered with the band, Crush...
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    Tell Me Why Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 39.99
    Developer DONTNOD has become synonymous with both evocative and progressive narrative design, pushing game story into a brave new space with Tell Me Why. Music plays a critical role in...
  • Mutazione 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 39.99
    $ 19.99
    There’s something so raw, lively, and evocative about the Mutazione soundtrack. During some spurts, it evokes the punk rock fueled chaos and spilt beer aroma of hearing Joan Jett obliterate...
  • Manifold Garden 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 44.99
    The power of music is that it can transport us to different worlds, expose us to new visions, opening our minds to possibilities that would have otherwise been written off...
  • Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP

    $ 40.00
     As its namesake implies, this is a definitive moment in the lore of Guild Wars 2 and its accompanying musical journey. End of Dragons harkens the collapse of the beloved...
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    Diablo II: Resurrected 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 40.00
    . Diablo is prolifically iconic — a world so richly realized, that merely uttering its name evokes spine tingling goosebumps. Make no mistake, though, because world-building a place like Sanctuary...
  • The Muppet Movie Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 29.99
    Keep believing, keep pretending; We've done just what we've set out to do, Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and YOU! It’s an absolute dream come true for iam8bit to...
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    Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course 2xLP

    $ 41.99
          JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH!! Half a decade and we’re still tappin’ our toes to the music of Cuphead — and boy oh boy, it just keeps getting...
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