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    iam8bot Lenticular Pin

    $ 10.00
    Have you met 8bot? This plucky lil’ friend is the new mascot for iam8bit’s brand-stinking-new publishing branch, iam8bit Presents. Now that you’ve met 8bot, you will, no doubt, want to...
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    iam8bit Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

    $ 19.99
    Proper upkeep is vital to maintaining a healthy vinyl collection, and iam8bit’s here to help.  The iam8bit Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit includes a 5” engraved sapele mahogany wood handle with...
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    iam8bit Record Tote Bag

    $ 24.99
    Look, we could extol the virtues of vinyl all day long, but we can’t deny that its portability can be a bit of a problem. Fortunately, we’re problem solvers here...
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    iam8bit Heart Logo Pin

    $ 10.00
    It’s no secret — we at iam8bit love what we do. Some might even say we heart it. And we heart the people who heart us right back.  If that’s...
  • iam8bit Presents: iam8bot Embroidered Polos

    $ 39.99
    Ah, the timeless and incomparable polo. The most formal choice in an informal setting, the most informal choice in a formal setting. The wardrobe of a true maverick, somewhere between...
  • iam8bit Record Player Shirt

    $ 29.99
    Here at iam8bit, we’re kind of dorks about vinyl. Not just the production & presentation of high-quality vinyl, mind you, but the whole process, from soup to nuts; how it...
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    Elegorgon Statue - iam8bit Exclusive Colorway

    $ 159.99
      Eleven, the precocious kinetic wonderkind of Stranger Things, is one of the most iconic residents of Hawkins, Indiana — and it’s her complicated relationship with the Upside Down that...
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    Eastward Fine Art Print by Laura Bifano (Limited Edition)

    $ 75.00
    John and Sam are more than just the charming leads in Pixpil’s modern pixel art classic, Eastward: They’re the emotional core of its post-apocalyptic narrative, an unlikely duo who find...
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    The Cuphead Show! Devil May Care Screen Print

    $ 60.00
    The jolly gang from The Cuphead Show! sure do find themselves in a lot of hair-raising predicaments. Just take a gander at this illustration, depicting a rendezvous with The Devil...
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    The Cuphead Show! Colorful Washi Tape Set (3-Pack Set)

    $ 14.99
    Roll up and roll out with this charming Washi tape set featuring your pals from The Cuphead Show! Each set comes with three unique tape rolls to get yourself out...
  • The Cuphead Show! Super Comfy Argyle Socks

    $ 18.00
    Lean back, relax, and treat your feet to these super cozy toe tubes (otherwise known as socks). You’ll look absolutely dapper in these vintage-inspired argyle delights, as they transport you...
  • The Cuphead Show! Premium Character Pins

    $ 12.00
    All of your best buds from The Cuphead Show! are now available in miniaturized pin form — Cuphead, Mugman, Ms. Chalice, Elder Kettle, King Dice, and yes indeedy, The Devil...
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