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  • Stray (PlayStation) - iam8bit Exclusive Edition

    $ 44.99
    $ 34.99
      When developer BlueTwelve Studios dubbed their cyberpunk adventure game, Stray, they were gesturing towards something deeper than feline wordplay. To “stray” is to get lost, to wander from the...
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    Gravity Falls Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 39.99
    In the grand tradition of Gravity Falls, we’re taking a cue from Grunkle Stan and keeping this product description a wee bit cryptic. After all, the proprietor of the Mystery...
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    Mega Man X - 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge - Legacy Cartridge Collection

    $ 100.00
    Capcom + iam8bit have been collaborating for well over a decade, and one of our very first landmark projects was in honor of everyone’s favorite Blue Bomber. It’s with tremendous...
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    Cuphead 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 40.00
    The Inkwell Isles of Studio MDHR's Cuphead are a hand-drawn, hand-painted wonderscape where streaming services and digital dohickeys are nowhere to be seen. There, the hop-skipping soundtrack to everyday life rotates...
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    Untitled Goose Game - “Lovely Edition” (Nintendo Switch)

    $ 39.99
    Untitled Goose Game is nothing short of a *honk*nomenon (sorry!), having transcended the hallowed halls of nerdom to become an essential piece of the cultural zeitgeist. Australian developer House House...
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2xLP

    $ 42.99
      Everyone’s favorite plumbers are in their first-ever animated feature, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, bringing with them everything you’ve come to expect. It’s an important moment for a legendary...
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    Grim Fandango Remastered (Nintendo Switch Exclusive Edition)

    $ 34.99
    Something's rotten in the land of the dead, and you're being played for a sucker. Meet Manny Calavera, travel agent at the Department of Death. He sells luxury packages to...
  • League of Legends: Selected Orchestral Works

    $ 39.99
    FIRST TIME EVER ON VINYL - a DECADE in-the-making! . iam8bit and Riot Games are thrilled to present a collection of songs so legendary, that we spared no expense incorporating an...
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    Hyper Light Drifter Vinyl Soundtrack 4xLP

    $ 100.00
    "Composer Disasterpeace's soundtrack lends a sense of awe and scale to the world that consistently gave me chills" - Game Informer ... "The soundtrack by Disasterpeace is every bit a...
  • The Muppet Movie Vinyl Soundtrack

    $ 29.99
    Keep believing, keep pretending; We've done just what we've set out to do, Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and YOU! It’s an absolute dream come true for iam8bit to...
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    The Super Mario Bros. Movie 7”

    $ 12.99
      Here at iam8bit, we know a hit single when we hear it.  The uproariously hilarious “Peaches” from the The Super Mario Bros. Movie definitely qualifies; it’s a catchy, melodramatic...
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    WHAT THE GOLF? (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)

    $ 34.99
    WHAT THE GOLF? isn’t just a question — it’s also a game that exploits, to excellent comic hijinx, the scientific principles of physics. In addition, it oh so poetically queries...
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