Taking a cue from that awful/outrageous era of 80’s toy commercials, iam8bit pitched Capcom the concept of a truly, wholly, and completely authentic “lost” commercial to sell Mega Man 10 virally. Designed as if it were discovered on a 3rd generation VHS tape, no detail was spared — from the “fake” sitcom lead-in to tracking distortion… and even lots of hidden bits of trivia seen on the floor, walls, and shelves. The spot meshed gameplay footage with fantastical visuals of a pre-teen boy engaging in the most incredibleexperience of his life. Lasers, energy orbs, and a massive explosion leave the young gamer disheveled… but not defeated. “Mega Awesome” he exclaims to the camera, his hair smoking. The room is obliterated, but it’s not bother. Mega Man 10 is just that fucking rad!!
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