From Epic Games, creators of the ridicuously successful Unreal and Gears of War series, and developer People Can Fly, comes a pop culture diversion called Bulletstorm. Design director Cliff Bleszinski describes it as “…a comedy of violence,” implying that its a shooter that slaps all other shooters in the face. With that introspection as a guideline, iam8bit developed a few promotional goodies to punctuate the game’s chaotic kitsch


When EA contacted iam8bit to create a custom bottle of orange juice as advance hype for its new Bulletstorm franchise, we were scratching our heads. But the publisher was enthusiastic about the game’s exploitive nature, taking all that is beloved about the first-person shooter genre and amplifying it to absurd levels. Literally, a truly “pulpy” experience. With that point of reference, we designed the label and nutrition facts to riff on that awesome era of 50’s genre books, even including an accordion-style coupon fold-out (with character profiles rather than an “at register” discount). Packaged using insulted containers, 100 journalists received the ice-cold OJ via FedEx the morning of Bulletstorm’s latest trailer debut.


Further emphasizing Bulletstorm’s balls-to-the-wall gusto, iam8bit crafted a highly custom holiday keepsake, drawing inspiration from the game’s satisfying “nutcracker” combo (it’s actually what it sounds like). From the box design by acclaimed illustrator Jim Rugg to the nutcracker’s stylization by Tony Mora, all emphasize points to the testicle-derived pun. Only 1,000 were produced and sent to industry tastemakers in lieu of standard Christmas cards for the 2010 season.

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