On the edge of Boston’s waterfront, a massive 12,000 sq. ft., out-of-season cruise terminal was transformed into a level from Bethesda’s sci-fi shooter, BRINK. The entire production played to this mass transit theme — invitations were distributed in the form of “boarding passes”; discreet “flight confirmations” were emailed to attendees to continue the effect; and attendees were rigorously searched by security for concealed rocket launchers, Molotov cocktails and other incendiary devices.

Over 1,000 “passengers” eagerly waited up to three hours to enter the fray; and inside, they were amongst the first  to try their thumbs at 8-on-8 multiplayer matches, with 48 kiosks total. Between rounds, fans also engaged in a variety of activities, from live graffiti art, to a Photo Playset ripped straight from the game’s Container City environment.

Ultimately, it paid in spades to risk the bitter winter weather; the first 200 fans received an extra special takeaway — a spray paint “stash can” containing a Brink face mask. And thanks to the generous support of the community and a contingent of game industry celebs, $20,000 was gifted to charity Child’s Play after the frenzied last battle of the evening (courtesy of Bethesda Softworks).


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