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  • Route Package Protection

    From $ 0.98
    Route provides protection for shipments that are lost, broken, or stolen. Add Route to your cart at checkout to enable protection. Visit route.com to learn more.
  • It's Bugsnax! 7" Single

    $ 11.99
    WINNER Making Vinyl Awards: Best 45-RMP (Single) Cover  From the moment of our very first “bugsnax” sighting — a large-eyed strawberry, crawling around on its leaf limbs — it was...
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie 7”

    $ 12.99
      Here at iam8bit, we know a hit single when we hear it.  The uproariously hilarious “Peaches” from the The Super Mario Bros. Movie definitely qualifies; it’s a catchy, melodramatic...
  • Spinch (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)

    $ 29.99
    $ 14.99
    Whether or not you adore the art of Salvador Dali, one thing is universal: You could easily imagine stepping right into one of his drippy, trippy paintings. The work of...
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    The Super Mario Bros. Movie CD

    $ 19.99
    Everyone’s favorite plumbers are in their first-ever animated feature, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, bringing with them everything you’ve come to expect. It’s an important moment for a legendary franchise,...
  • The Messenger 2xLP

    $ 40.00
    $ 19.99
    The soundtrack to The Messenger is a rare gem prophesied in ancient scrolls. It’s a cathartic odyssey through mythology and mayhem, as imagined through the earholes of a prolific madman...
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    Videogames World Map by Edison Yan

    $ 25.00
    $ 15.00
    When we compare the spaces, places and landmarks of videogames to the regions found on Earth, we find mountain ranges, deserts, oceans and ruins — just like our Swiss Alps, Sahara, Pacific...
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    The Stanley Parable: The Button That Says The Name Of The Player Playing The Game

    $ 9.99
    .......................................Shipping Q3 2024....................................... Hello, Jim. Yes, you. We’re talking to you. You, Jim. This is iam8bit. We know you have been looking for an exclusive premium good tailor-made for you...
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    Etherborn (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)

    $ 29.99
    $ 14.99
    Sir Issac Newton said it best: “Gravity is freakin’ weird!!” If only he could have played through Etherborn, a video game experience suggesting that perhaps, we should rethink the ways...
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    Weezer x Wave Break 7" (feat. "Tell Me What You Want")

    $ 11.99
    Few bands have had as much cultural impact upon generations of gamers as Weezer has, making this release all the more resonant. iam8bit has ecstatically partnered with the band, Crush...
  • The Cuphead Show! Premium Character Pins

    $ 12.00
    All of your best buds from The Cuphead Show! are now available in miniaturized pin form — Cuphead, Mugman, Ms. Chalice, Elder Kettle, King Dice, and yes indeedy, The Devil...
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