The Massively Multiplayer Online market is overpopulated, making it difficult for players to see past the heap and find the real gems. Guild Wars 2 is one of those true treasures – but since launching, it’s had a hard time getting noticed.

To amplify the game’s visibility, we took an unconventional approach, creating an elaborate hidden camera stunt involving both advanced engineering and an astute attention to detail. Dubbed “The Great MMO Migration,” we completely redesigned the interiors of two taxi cabs, theming them to Guild Wars’ fictional land of Tyria. Everything from seat covers to dashboard ornaments to window stickers were customized, including a 7-minute newscast that looped on an onboard monitor. Even the cabbies themselves were in character, adorned in the appropriate garb.

Passengers were picked up at the Los Angeles Convention Center over the course of two days. The driver’s never broke character, admitting to passengers that they were homesick for their birthplace, Tyria. What ensued was both awkward and hilarious, resulting in a 150% boost in sales.

The campaign also garnered several industry awards, including Best Experiential Campaign (Game Connection Marketing Awards), Most Effective Buzz Generating Tactic (Game Marketing Awards) and Best Copywriting for a Video Asset (Game Marketing Awards).



Tyria Today (in-taxi newscast)


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