• The Art of Outer Wilds (Hardcover Book)

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Shipping Q3 2024

  • Published & Distributed by iam8bit
  • 300-Page Hardcover Art Book
  • Featuring never-before-seen concept art and a deep (space) dive into all things Outer Wilds!
  • Written by Wesley Martin (Art Director, Mobius Digital)
  • Design & Layout by Ian Jacobson (Mobius Digital) 
  • Publication Design by Laleh Roya Azarshin
  • Additional Design by Josh Lanphear
Shipping Q3 2024

Outer Wilds is a technical and artistic marvel. It contains a fully-functional and consistent physics system, a miniaturized self-contained solar system, a moving, imaginative narrative about the end of the world, an unforgettable soundtrack, awe-inspiring visual landscapes, and so much more. 

It’s a testament to video games as an artistic medium, a multi-disciplinary achievement that shows just how much thought, care, and craftsmanship goes into every minute detail of a modern masterwork. iam8bit is dedicated to peeling back the layers of great games like this, and we’ve got a real treat here to help you fully immerse in this beloved universe.

The Art of Outer Wilds is a 300-page planet-sized deep dive into the creation and execution of Mobius Digital’s award winning title. Within its pages, you’ll find nugget after nugget of pure-gold behind-the-scenes goodness. Never-before-seen concept art, straight-from-the-source design docs, write-ups and reflections from the creative forces behind the game, and more — it’s all there, waiting inside this epic tome designed by Mobius Digital’s Concept Artist Ian Jacobson. Your guide on this creative expedition is Mobius Digital’s Art Director Wesley Martin, whose words act as a beacon providing deeper context and meaning to every artifact on the page. Additional publication design done by Laleh Roya Azarshin, with design support from Josh Lanphear.

Outer Wilds is a marvel, a masterpiece, and a modern classic. Find out how it came to be all that and so much more with The Art of Outer Wilds.


Assets copyright © 2024 Mobius Digital, LLC. Published by Annapurna Interactive under exclusive license. All rights reserved.

Publishing copyright © 2024 iam8bit, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher.

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