• Owlboy Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP

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$ 35.00
  • 2xLP on “Cloudy Sky” Vinyl
  • Music Composed by Jonathan Geer
  • Album Art by Nicole Gustafsson
  • Includes Digital Soundtrack

Spread your wings and FLY to Jonathan Geer’s moving score for Owlboy 

Across this epic 2xLP, Geer deftly captures the vivid tale of Otus as he ventures through the clouds in search of ‘owl-hood’. Utilizing a perfect combination of orchestration and electronic elements, this timeless score feels as grand and all-consuming as your favorite feature film scores, as it brings the pixel rich world of Owlboy’s mysticism & fantasy to life.

Illustrator Nicole Gustafsson is no stranger to mystical beings, either. Her portfolio boasts an impeccable fascination with woodland creatures, making her our one and only choice to create this album art. She has intricately - and ever so beautifully - painted the “world in the clouds” where Otus and his friends bound. The vinyl itself - minted on “Cloudy Sky” colored wax - compliments this soaring vision.

Owlboy is a licensed property of D-Pad Studio.

Side A
Owlboy Main Title
A Fine Young Owl
Flying Lessons
The Truth About Otus
Otus At Home
Vellie (Owlboy Theme)
The Troublemaker
Vellie Cave
Turtle Guardian Phase 2
Tropos (Day)
Tropos (Night)

Side B
Buccanary's Shop
Owl Temple
Gold Coin I
Gnome Theme
Pirate Battle
You're Both To Blame For This
Advent Under Attack
Advent Pirate Miniboss
Approaching The Dreadnought
Alphonse Rescues Otus And Geddy
Created By The Owls
Gold Coin 2
Flight Of The Boguin

Side C
The Floating Continent - Jungle
King Kaboon
The Floating Continent - Lava
Gold Coin 3
Guardian 2 Battle
Escape From The Floating Continent
Pirate Mothership
Dirk Battle
Something Isn't Right With The World

Side D
Such Perfect Peace
Kernelle's Rocketship
Tower Of The Owls
The Final Ascent
Ritual Incantation
Solus Battle Phase 1
Solus Battle Phase 2
Solus Battle Final Phase
The Lie
The Loop Has Ended
End Credits

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