• Gorogoa (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)

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$ 34.99
  • Limited Edition of 5000
  • Exclusive Physical Edition
  • Innovative Package Design by Gorogoa creator, Jason Roberts, including “Traditions of the Scattered Path” booklet w/ brand new original artwork
  • Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility



This collectible is convention stock. It is non returnable/refundable. There may be slight wear on the packaging. These are first come first served and orders may be refunded if they become sold out while your transaction is processing.

Any true work of art has layers to its creation. Gorogoa is no different. The magic of this meticulously illustrated puzzle game is that the player has to construct and collage their own layers, and within those layers, lies a lifetime - a story of tremendously impressive detail and wrought with emotion. While it may seem like there are infinite possibilities, there is only one true resolution, and it takes a careful eye to find it. iam8bit is thrilled to team up with Annapurna Interactive and creator Jason Roberts for the physical release of this gorgeous journey… a treat for both the eyes and the mind.

“A hugely ambitious and utterly beautiful game.” —PC Gamer
“Arguably the prettiest hand-drawn, hand-illustrated video game ever made.” —Ars Technica
“Words and images can only convey the experience so much — Gorogoa is a title which you need to immerse yourself in completely.” —Jump Dash Roll
Winner - Debut Game - 14th British Academy Games Awards
Winner - Innovation Award - 18th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards
Top 50 Games of 2017 - Eurogamer
50 Best Games of 2017 - Polygon

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