• Cuphead Handcrafted Marionette + Music Box

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$ 159.99
  • Black Friday Discount Live 11/9 at 9am PT
  • WOW WOW WOW!! An ~8" Tall Handcrafted Cuphead Marionette - Fully Puppetable, Crafted by the Legendary Artisans at Rici Marionettes in Prague
  • Tunes… for Toons!? A Marvelous, Mechanical, Hand-Crank Music Box
  • For Map Lovers!! A Foldout Inkwell Isles Poster
  • AND OH MY!! A Premium, Transforming Outer Box featuring the Infamous Asbestos Safety Curtain, Perfect for Displaying your Cuphead Marionette
  • Click here for the Collector’s Edition (includes physical game)

Since his debut back in 2017, Cuphead has garnered fans of all ages all over the world. The game’s striking retro-cartoon aesthetic and run-’n’-gun boss-rush gameplay turn heads, sure, but really, it’s the heart that Studio MDHR poured into the game that has turned so many players into lifelong fans. It’s ironic that a game about a plucky little guy getting his eternal spirit back has so much soul to offer. 

Cuphead’s popularity has spawned holiday sweaters, hot sauces, a full-fledged cartoon series, and, of course, the iam8bit Cuphead Collector’s Edition

With a transforming stage container, music box, map of the Inkwell Isles, and – the star of the show – an 8” tall handcrafted Cuphead Marionette, the Cuphead Collector’s Edition was and is a celebration of that community and fandom that rose up in response to everyone’s favorite porcelain pal. Not to mention, it was a true labor of love for us diehard Cuphead fans at iam8bit. 

But when we launched the Collector’s Edition, we got one piece of feedback back from the Cuphead community, time and time again: “This is great, but I already have Cuphead as a physical game! Can I get these goodies on their own?”

Wait no longer, my hypothetical friend. Say hello to the Cuphead Handcrafted Marionette + Music Box. 

It’s everything you need to put on your very own Cuphead marionette show. That means you get a hand-crafted, string-adorned, fully operational Cuphead puppet, designed by the talented artisans at Rici Marionettes, just like the one in Screen Novelties’ famous Cuphead shorts. 

Any great performance needs a zippy soundtrack, and that’s exactly what you’ll get by turning the tiny crank on the delightfully sweet Marvelous, Mechanical Music Box, also included in this incredible package. Create that signature tinny analog sound to tap your (and your marionette’s) feet to.

Where will we tap these feet, you ask?! The answer has been right in front of you the whole time — a Premium, Transforming Box, adorned with the infamous Asbestos Safety Curtain insignia and a mini interior stage, that your best pal Cuphead will feel right at home on. 

Yes indeed, Cuphead has fans from all walks of life, all brought together by their collective love of a truly great game. We humbly present Cuphead Handcrafted Marionette + Music Box as a symbol of that adoration.


© CUPHEAD is a trademark of StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc., all rights reserved.


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