• BIT.TRIP's Greatest Chips Vinyl

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$ 29.99
$ 15.00
  • BIT.TRIP's Greatest Chips
  • Picture Disc
  • Album Art by Drew Wise
  • Digital Soundtrack Download
  • Game Download Codes
  • Limited Edition of 1,500

Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Nullsleep, Anamanaguchi, and minusbaby… To quote the great Keanu Reeves, “WHOA!”

From gameplay to visuals to music and imagination, the indie favorite BIT.TRIP collection has been melting our hearts with its awesomeness since 2009.

iam8bit and Choice Provisions are extremely proud to present BIT.TRIP's GREATEST CHIPS, a limited edition collector's set that includes music from the BIT.TRIP series, PLUS a digital download code for every BIT.TRIP game and soundtrack. That's 7 games, 7 digital soundtracks, and a stylish picture disc!

We worked with Drew Wise to design an incredibly charming vinyl package for you. The jacket features fancy embossments and spot gloss, while the picture disc is pressed on beautiful white vinyl.




  1. BIT.TRIP BEAT - Move to Intercept - Bit Shifter
  2. BIT.TRIP BEAT - The Information Chase - Bit Shifter
  3. BIT.TRIP CORE - Translucent - Bubblyfish
  4. BIT.TRIP CORE - Ah! - Bubblyfish
  5. BIT.TRIP VOID - Valentine Final - Nullsleep
  6. BIT.TRIP VOID - Galaxy Tonite [DMG Version] - Nullsleep


  1. BIT.TRIP RUNNER - Blackout City - Anamanaguchi
  2. BIT.TRIP RUNNER - Mermaid - Anamanaguchi
  3. BIT.TRIP FATE - left [sucka mcs mix] - minusbaby
  4. BIT.TRIP FATE - a large part of your mind sliced [what mix] - minusbaby
  5. BIT.TRIP FLUX - Strange Comfort - Bit Shifter
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